Refreshing Summer Dessert

This is a quick, light and a refreshing dessert that can be made with a very few ingredients. 1, 6 oz (Total 0 %) Fage brand Greek Yogurt, Honey, 2 tablespoons of unsalted, chopped Almonds, 1/2 teaspoon of Powdered Cardamom (any local grocery store), Few Saffron threads (available at any local grocery store, Whole Foods, … More Refreshing Summer Dessert


Mini Flower Vases

Don’t throw away those tealight containers! The aluminum holder of the tealight candles can be put to further use.  Turn them into mini flower vases. Place an assortment of eggcups ( upside down), taper candle holders, teacups (upside down) over a mirrored vanity tray.  Clip some flowers off their stems, add some water to the containers … More Mini Flower Vases

Re-purpose vintage silver to organize makeup

Happy New Year! Bring out those vintage silver treasures to display your makeup/ cosmetic essentials. I have gathered some vintage silver (plated) items from my trips to the second shops.   I love the soft patina that is left due to the oxidation of the silver.  There are many possibilities with these vintage silver collections. … More Re-purpose vintage silver to organize makeup

Gilded Luminary

Gilded Luminary Turn a bland, lackluster pushpin container into a gilded luminary.  Paint the container with liquid gold color.  Allow it to dry. With a hot glue gun, add  3 glass pearl beads as feet to the base. Place a tea light candle  in the luminary & enjoy the glow.  

DIY Embellished Pushpins

  A variety of buttons, beads, coins are hot glued to the head of the pushpins to create these cute office/ desk accessories.  Also, small silk flowers, charms, acrylic gems, old earrings, iPhone button stickers are few of the other choices to decorate the pushpins.

DIY Flower Vase…

This simple DIY project needs only a few things. An Amber glass bottle, a round head foam brush, acrylic color in gold, and glitter nail polish. Make gold polka dots with the round foam brush on the surface of the bottle, let dry.  Add dots or paint with your favorite glitter nail polish colors over and around these … More DIY Flower Vase…