DIY occasional table…


I have been looking around home decor stores and scouring the net for an occasional table to add to my guest room.  But not wanting to spend $$$ and also having an urge to create a one of a kind piece, I decided to tackle this on my own.  Not having access to power tools as well as lack of knowledge for woodworking , I just decided to use my handy dandy E6000 and some found objects at the second hand store.

Couple of candle holders and a wooden tray/ charger came to the rescue.


To begin this project, paint the candle holders and the tray with chalky paint  and then seal with polyurethane.  Glue the candle holders to form the base of the table.  Allow this to dry for 24 hours.  Then glue the tray to the base and place something heavy (like a few books) over the tray for this assembly to dry again for 24 hours.  Once the structure is dry, the occasional table is ready.


This dainty table is only for decorative purposes and not to put anything heavy.



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