Bohemian style flower holder…


Highlighted by Gold and/or metallic tones , bright and bold colors and an eclectic, casual , warm, inviting decor that is unpretentious, relaxed and lively describe a bohemian style of decor.
Create this jewel hued and gold toned flower holder that can be hung indoors or in the backyard.

To create this flower holder you will need:

  • A hanging metal wire basket from Dollar Store
  • 4 tinted glass jars with wire handles from the craft store
  • Rust-Oleum Gold spray paint
  • Scribbles 3D gold paint
  • Large Paper clips from Dollar Store
  • Fresh flowers and foliage


Spray Paint the hanging wire basket with 3 coats of  Rust-Oleum gold spray paint allowing an hour to dry in between coats.
Using the 3D paint, draw  freehand designs on the surface of the glass jars. You can create simple designs in the form of dots, lines, swirls or elaborate henna style patterns.  Let dry for a few days. (There are some gorgeous, hand painted mason jar ideas on Pinterest and also available on Etsy.)

Fill these beautiful jars with fresh flowers and foliage.

Attach  4 paper clips to the rim of the basket.  Then insert the  wire handles of the jars onto the paper clips.  Once all the 4 jars are strung on the basket, pull the chain of the basket through its center.  Then using the hook, hang it to display.



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