Re-purposed Mancala Board to a Jewelry Tray


I found this wooden Mancala board in a second hand store abandoned in a corner with the marbles missing from the game.  I planned to make a jewelry tray out of it.


Wooden Mancala board,

Wooden Finial, wooden round 1 in dowel caps,

Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint,

Acrylic gold paint,


Round sponge brush,

Epoxy Glue,

Acrylic Varnish.


Jewel-Tray-3To the center of the board, glue the finial & allow it to dry.  Then glue the dowel caps to the 4 corners of the base of the rectangle & let this dry.  To give it  a facelift, paint the board with a few coats of Americana Decor chalky paint in refreshing (mint green).  To further enhance the look, I added a few gold dots.  Finally, the board was sealed with a coat of varnish for added protection.  No more misplaced earrings.  The jewelry tray is ready to neatly organize all your favorite baubles.



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