DIY photo / place card holder…

Materials required to create the holder

** 1 black, pedestal base square liqueur glass
** 1 square porcelain dish (mine is a vintage, Andrea by Sadek)
** 1 memo clip, (Crate and Barrel)
** E 6000 glue

Begin by gluing the center of the back of the dish to the base of the pedestal glass with E 6000 in a well ventilated area.  Let this dry for several hours. The next step is to glue the memo clip to the dish as seen in the picture. After this dries for a day, you can display your favorite picture. Also, the dish can hold jewelry or serve as a catchall tray.

PlaceCard-Photo-Holder-3 PlaceCard-Photo-Holder-1

This photo/ place card holder is perfect on your office desk, side table, dresser or charming on any table setting.

Great way to get organized with  a little style!

PlaceCard-Photo-Holder-4 PlaceCard-Photo-Holder-2


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