DIY photo display using wooden clamp hanger

Here are the materials for this project:

** 1 Wooden trouser clamp hanger
** 2 Pieces  of Ivory grosgrain ribbon 1.5″wide about 34″ length   ** Gold paper clips. Mine are from Michaels by Recollections
** Gemstone cup chain strands in assorted colors
** Low temperature Glue gun
** Photos

Follow all safety precautions during the cutting and gluing process, while handling the wire cutter and glue gun.

Cut the gemstone cup chains along the bridges with a wire cutter. This will result into individual gemstone units.  Glue these units to the closed ends of the gold clips.

Cut 2 strands of ribbon , each measuring about 34″ long.
Unlock the clamp of the wooden hanger.
Glue the ribbons to the 2 ends on the Velcro strap, leaving about an inch on either sides of the hanger/ Velcro strip.
Attach photos onto the ribbon, using 2 of the gold embellished clips per photo. This will help  secure the photos on the ribbon.
Once all the photos have been added on both the ribbons, your photo hanger project  is ready for display.



For a final touch, I threaded the decorative component of  a broken key chain through the hook of the hanger.

I used an embellished pushpin from my previous project to hang the hanger on the wall.
You can change the photos as you wish or display your art work.


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