DIY Gift Tags


A fun project to add personalized touch to wrapped gifts  with handcrafted tags.

These gift tags were designed using apparel tags and dollar store calendar cutouts.

To make  these custom gift tags you will need:

Apparel tags

Cutouts from calendars or magazines, scrap booking paper, or even fabric of your choice

Mod Podge



Liquid gold glitter glue

Silk ribbons

Hole punch

Plain white Paper


Remove the ribbons from the apparel tags.

Cut designs from calendar & also cut the solid paper to match the shape of the tag for the front decorative side & the blank side respectively.


Apply Mod Podge one side of the tag with the calendar design cutouts.  To add further details, add additional  tiny  cutouts over the first layer of the design.  Brush a coat of Mod Podge to seal. Then brush on some liquid gold, glitter glue.


Now, Glue plain white paper cutout to the back that you will use to write a note or message.  Trim any excess paper to give a neat finished look.


For the final finishing touch punch hole in the tag & string the original ribbon or any colored one through the hole. Write your message and dress your wrapped  gift  with these cute handcrafted gift tags.


I also used old, unwanted business cards to make gift tags.





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