Handcrafted, Boho Chic, Dollar Store Hanging Basket Chandelier


Craft stores, Pinterest, magazines  and home decor blogs are great sources of information and inspiration that provide endless ideas to create handmade, handcrafted decorations and accessories.  These talented creative minds are constantly coming up with fascinating and affordable  ideas to make a house a home that is warm and inviting.  Personalizing the abode with handcrafted accessories is always rewarding.

One such accessory that caught my attention was a hanging wire basket chandelier.  This is my interpretation of a decorative handcrafted chandelier.

To construct this, you will need

Dollar store hanging garden wire plant basket


Liquid gold paint

Glue gun

Assorted beads – round glass beads, blue and green Mardi Gras style colored bead necklaces , glass oat beads, faceted bead spray in green & pink color, white pearl spray,  faux ruby  gemstone cup chain strand , iridescent clear spool of pearls


32 gauge Wire

Upholstery fabric strips

Dollar store lace ribbon

Wire Cutter

Paint the entire surface of the hanging wire basket frame with liquid gold, except the 3 chains & the hook. Draw the chains and the hook through the center of the inner ring/circle. Cut the lace ribbon into about 7inch sections and glue on the inner side of the smaller ring.


Glue round glass beads at the base around the  joints on the rim of the basket.  Cut the cup chain along the bridges with a wire cutter into individual units.  Glue these faux ruby units on the outer edges of the vertical wires.  String glass oat beads through a32 gauge wire to form a necklace.  Wrap it around the circumference of the basket frame and close the ends forming knots to hold this securely. Cut off any excess wire.


Glue a green Mardi Gras style necklace below the oat beads necklace with the glue gun.  Follow this step by gluing upholstery fabric strips that are about 1-1.5 feet long all around the basket rim.  Cut iridescent clear wedding pearls strand in varying lengths and glue them in between the fabric strands.  Separate the colored faceted acrylic beads and white bead spray.  Wrap these around the bottom of the hook where the 3 chains meet. Loop colored twine around the entire hook using some glue during the process to ensure that the twine doesn’t unravel.


Glue  a gold rose  button to the base of the hook.  Use the same pearls and weave them through the  3 chains all the way up to the hook and fasten them with glue.  Glue some more of the iridescent pearls on the 3 outer wire that are in line with the chains. Also, wire 3 green faceted sprays near the joints on the rim.



Finally, cut the blue Mardi Gras style necklace into equal lengths.  Add dabs of glue on both ends of the individual beaded necklace sections  to prevent losing any beads. Glue these below the faux rubies.



This beautiful , eye catching boho chic chandelier is now ready to grace any decor.  It will certainly become the focal point of the room and an  elegant component of your decor scheme.




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