Repurposed Publix Oats container, DIY Decoupage scarf case

A creative way to reuse an empty oats container is by crafting this beautiful scarf / gift case or holder.

For this project, you need:

1 empty container, Publix old fashioned oats along with lid


1 dollar store calendar


Dollar store lace ribbon


Recycled Magazine clippings


Mod Podge

Dollar store Gold glitter glue

Americana Acrylic paint, Buttermilk color

Ceramcoat  varnish


Liquid gold

Wooden knob

E6000 glue

Glue gun, mine is a mini low- temp.


To begin, paint the inside of the container with acrylic buttermilk color paint. Apply varnish after the paint is dry.

Paint the lid and knob with liquid gold. Once dry, glue the knob to the center of the lid with  E 6000.

Cut out floral images and designs from the calendar.  Also gather some magazine clippings.


Apply Mod Podge with a paint brush to the outside of the oatmeal container & position the cutouts and clippings  on the surface of the container.   Make sure to smooth out any  air bubbles with your fingers or a small ruler or a credit card.  Repeat this process till the entire surface of the container is covered with the cutouts.  Apply at least 3 coats of Mod Podge allowing some drying time in between coats.  Similarly, Mod Podge the base of the container and then glue the designs.  Once completely dry, apply a very thin layer of gold, glitter glue to the entire surface of the container.


Allow this to dry for a few minutes. Then with  a glue gun attach the lace ribbon to the bottom of the container.  Do follow all the safety instructions  while using a glue gun.


This adorable and eco-friendly scarf case  is now ready. Fill it with colored gift tissue paper  & pack the pretty scarf in this gift case.



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