Magic of Flat lays with iPhone camera


Flat lays  are groupings of items or objects or products creatively put together, based on a certain theme and laid on a background and then photographed from above in a soft, natural light.


Foam board, table top surface, linen sheets, silk fabric, textiles, beadboard panel, natural stone tiles,marble tiles, trays ,weathered wood backdrops, distressed wood surface can serve as backgrounds for the objects in your flat lay design theme.



Try to tell a story by placing the objects effectively but not cluttered on the background.  Texture, size, color, shape, space between the objects are important aspects of flat lay composition.  You may have to rearrange or move or exclude objects till you get a desired arrangement.


Adjust distance of the iPhone camera from the flat lay to get a bird’s eye view of your products.  Effortless, natural  and unpretentious look is what you are trying to capture.



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