DIY Glass Cloche Display

Vintage, Avocado Green, Honeycomb patterned relish plate
Clear, glass bell jar
Porcelain Bird figurine
Vodka bottle cap painted with liquid gold color
Quinoa grains
All these items are simply put together to form this cute & uncomplicated home decor accessory.

Cloche-2-WM        Cloche-1-WM

I’m really fond of this cute, vintage,Amber colored tortoise shell glass cloche.  It’s hand blown.  It looks gorgeous just on its own , placed over a saucer.  Also adds twinkle at night with a battery operated tea light.  Alternatively, place it on a glass pillar candle holder.

Cloche-3-WM       Cloche-4-WM

Cloche-5-WM                Cloche-6-WM

Cloche-8-WM            Cloche-7-WM


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